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The following 7 audio recordings are from the July 2005 Lua conference at Adobe headquarters.

RobertoLuaOverview.mp3 (12mb) Roberto discusses various aspects of Lua including its internal structures (+)
HowLuaBroughtTheDeadToLife.mp3 (9mb) The lead developer discusses one of the first commercial games to use Lua (+)
PsychoNauts.mp3 (5mb) Paul Dubois presents the new PsychoNaughts console game and its design and usage of Lua (+)
SoundGenerationWithLua.mp3 (1.5mb) presents a sound synthesis project using Lua for effects and synthesis as a plugin
LuaByteCodeDecoder.mp3 (5mb) discusses a project to reverse engineer the Lua VM object code back into source code
GenomicsWithLua.mp3 (2.5mb) The presenter demonstrated a sophisticated Gene sequencing database application in Lua
LinuxEmbeddedLua.mp3 (3mb) discusses using Lua as a shell extension and scripting language in embedded devices

If anyone has more information that I can add to descibe the speakers or subject matter, please forward it.

* These are provided for informational and educational use only and can be redistributed by anyone for non-commercial purposes or as the Lua development team deems appropriate. The recordings marked with (+) are my favorites.

** Technical notes: I hand processed the 7 audio recordings I made while attending the Lua Conference last July. They were made with an IPod so there is some hard drive noise that I have hand filtered out using WavePad as best I could. I also eliminated some dead air, quieted the applause (so we don't go deaf) compressed and normalized the sound and eliminated some stuttering and stammering. The 7 files were recorded at 8khz, 16bit mono and encoded at 24kbps by Lame into .mp3 files.


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